They both have a specific focus on our inner relationships and bodies so that we can become aware of our cultural beliefs and behaviors. Both aim to use that awareness to discover what we need to unlearn to shift towards regenerative ways of living.


Reliving the feminine 

  • is based on cyclical wisdom and explores the interconnection between the Wheel of the year and moon cycle 
  • The purpose is to balance your feminine energy and empower you to find your own flow thus contributing to the cultural transformations towards a more sustainable and liberated society 

Reliving hope 

  • is based on systems thinking and explores what we can learn from how other living beings work and interact. 
  • The purpose is to activate your imagination and build your resilience to make changes in your own life, therefore paving the way towards a regenerative culture that prioritizes care and nourishment for both more than and human beings. 

Programs are designed for inner exploration and growth. Exercises are adapted for you and classes are shaped to go deeper into your own worldview and story. 

If you want a more personal experience, I would suggest you take up a program. 


Circles are workshops designed to enhance collaboration and collective intelligence. These might be more explanatory and have more dedicated time for discussions and exchange.

If you are looking to learn in a group, find resonance, and tribe, I would suggest beginning with a circle.   

My work is influenced to some degree by eco-phycology, however, I am not qualified as a therapist and by any means this substitutes therapy or community support. These courses are meant to reflect and shift our cultural assumptions to heal our cultural wounds that lead us to oppression, destruction and scarcity. 

As a self-employee, I am in the ongoing process of figuring out how to earn a living while making my work more accessible and equitable for everyone. I, therefore, joined the idea of creating different tiers. 


  • Supporters are those who pay for their service as well as have the desire to support me and my cause. Providing the best experience requires “behind-the-scenes” hours of work and research. 
  • Standard is for those who fairly pay for the service they receive. 
  • Low income are those whose finances are a problem and for people from underrepresented or marginalized groups (e.g. BIPOC, LGBTQI+, disabled)

You are more than welcome! Being a man or a woman does not give a person more or less access to masculine or feminine energy. Both energies exist within each of us in varying amounts. Plus, If we are thinking to change the cultural paradigm of male superiority, I believe we must include men in the conversation!

No! Most of us live in the city and might not have a garden at their disposal. I am sure there are parks and walking tracks around you. This is actually a chance for you to explore your area and fall in love with the landscape surrounding you.  

Nothing it’s required from you! This is a space where you come how you are and no one will judge. Perhaps, this is the right time to get a bit outside your comfort zone and try new empowering ways to get to know yourself. Let me assure you: you do not need any specific background, age or ability if not your own body, presence, and willingness to explore through improvised dances, breathwork, guided visualizations, body flows, international games, and basic movement sequences. 

If you have more questions, please do not hesitate to ask here.