It combines diverse theories and practices that support the necessary cultural transformation within individuals and across society that offers the potential for genuine individual and collective growth.

    • My work is deeply influenced by the different anthropological perspectives and development thinkers I came across during my studies, and ongoing research on ecopsychology, deep ecology, and systems thinking. 


    • It has also emerged from my early passion for ancient literature (Latin & greek), yoga practice, and more recently land connection through permaculture and Celtic wisdom.  


    • I cannot mention Adrianne Mariee Brown, Brené Brown, Charles Eisenstein , Daniel Wahl, Rob Hopkins as some of the people who are inspiring me daily with their work, commitment, and compassion. 

Core Pillars


My approach is bottom-up, starting from individuals and local communities. Even though structural & policy change is crucial to transition towards a more sustainable and just society, radical transformation can occur if we are able to shift our worldviews and embody new values that prioritize care, nourishment and balance for ourselves, each other, and Earth; in turn, informing our choices and behaviours.  


It centres around embodiment exploring methods of theatre, mindfulness, movement, storytelling. A focus on the body helps to leave our “colonised” rational thinking minds & face the cumulative contradictions of modernity in which we are embedded, opening up deeper understandings and a greater sense of what is possible. Through embodied practices, I facilitate people to enter spaces in between where perspectives and feelings begin to shift. At best, I push them to align within their own bodies and rediscover themselves in connection with nature.


All of this happens in an environment of play and non-judgment. I work with groups and individuals through a playful approach, thus providing the right conditions for development, fostering curiosity, and helping to deal with the emotional and slippery character of the learning process

“The most up-stream transformation that has to take place before we set out to ‘redesign the human presence on Earth’ is to deeply question our way of thinking, our worldview and our value system.”
Daniel Christian Wahl