Reliving hope is a journey of reimagination to envision and embody what it means to belong and nourish in relationship to ourselves, each other & all living beings. It is understanding how uncertainty is inherently within and around us and empowering ourselves in inspiring ways.



Overall the commitment to the course is roughly 3 hours a week.

    • 1h weekly session via Zoom with Anna, according to your schedule and preference. (For UK-based folks, there will be the possibility to meet in person.)
    • Learning journal, with questions, exercises and rituals* to deepen your sensory research and practice each week. 
    • 24/7 accountability via email and/or Telegram.
    • Free access to Slack Community. 

Overall, the commitment to the course is at least 5 hours a week.

    • 2h session via Zoom where we meet as a group to explore, discuss and move together. (I’ll be running in-person group courses for UK based folks)
    • Learning journal, with writing prompts, tasks and embodied exercises* as a support to the collective experience
    • Peer-to-peer catch-ups – you will be paired with your buddy to share thoughts and practices and as an opportunity to be accountable for one another during this journey. 
    • For those who want to delve deeper into their inquiry, they can have a 1:1 session with Anna 

* These are mainly outdoors as an opportunity to spend some healthy time in movement and nature


Over 6 weeks, we go on a journey into the More-than-the-human world. Each week, we delve into the qualities of different living things as a way to reflect on our assumptions and behaviors. We create a space to be curious, question and explore through embodied exercises to become more aware of
our internal beliefs and patterns and learn new perspectives and ways of being. 

By paying closer attention to the beauty, mystery and dynamics of the natural world, as well as the bodies we are in, the purpose is to bring you more into your adaptive capacity to live regeneratively. This might mean finding the marvel and sacredness in our life and all around us. It might mean putting our hands in the soil and growing our own food. This might mean acknowledging our value and collective agency to contribute to change. This might mean learning to say no as well as finding new ways to share and relate with one another. This might mean acknowledging that feelings matter. This might mean having the courage to face our uncertainties and work for something greater to happen in our lives.  

“To the eyes of a man of Imagination, Nature is Imagination itself”
William Blake


As we face climate breakdown, environmental destruction, pandemics, mass inequalities and migrations, we neglect the inherent uncertainties underpinning all of these issues as well as our lives and the nature around us. Our obsession for control and security, aspiration for deterministic views and organization, and romantic desire for heroic expertise and leadership have trapped us into one-dimensional way of thinking, alienated selves and predictable futures. This same cultural conditioning drives our more intimate fears, stress and anxieties. It confines us into narratives of unworthiness, compliance, distrust and suffering, making it harder to live in balance with our Planet and transform towards a more sustainable and just society. 

Who is this for?

People looking to take an ecological view of reality.

People yearning for expression, movement & belonging.

People seeking to build resilience in the face of the challenges of our time. 

People looking for a space to activate their imagination.

People seeking to connect deeper with nature. 

What are the benefits?

Get a closer understanding of the dynamics and interconnections of systems at play around us.

Find a safe space where to express your hope, visions, feelings, longing.

Increase resilience and adaptive capacity   

Discover regenerative practices to build into your routine.

Cultivate intimacy with Earth and your own body.


Our imagination is often trapped inside someone else’s vision of the world to the extent we think it’s impossible to change our life and society, at large. Perhaps, our family’s imagination has made us think we can’t pursue our passions; our ex-girlfriend’s imagination has made us think we won’t deserve better. Our society’s imagination has made us think we cannot bring down walls, white male supremacy, climate disasters…

We all need to tap into our own imagination to break free and mostly we all need to work on our “resilient bank account” to deal with the pessimists who will dismiss our visions, preventing us from acting. 

“The inability to imagine a world in which things are different is evidence only of a poor imagination, not of the impossibility of change”
Rutger Bregman

What are the topics you can expect to cover?

Radical Re-imagination
Theories and practices of change
Emergent strategy
Vulnerability / consent


WEEK 1 - We are trees

This is an intake session to get to know each other, set the intentions for the learning journey and go at the roots. As trees, we explore our existing systems of strength and web of networks.  

WEEK 2 - We are Butterflies

This week we explore our values and beliefs. As caterpillars transforming into butterflies, we discover what we need to unlearn/relearn in order to emerge. We introduce the concept of the butterfly effect to reimagine power and agency.

WEEK 3 - We are Mushrooms

This session we’ll see us wander to explore what makes us feel good and creative beings. We focus on our relationship to moderation, getting past notions of “this is good and that is bad” to ask “what’s enough?”.

WEEK 4 - We are Waves

In week four, we connect to water and the ocean. We listen and move in tune with our feelings, appreciating and embracing our uncertain nature. We create the space to own our story and find our gifts and potential.

WEEK 5 - We are Cells

Week five is a dive into our evolutionary past to explore how and fall in love with the complex systems we are today. We reimagine how to share and relate with one another in order to prioritise collaboration over competition.

WEEK 6 - We are Starlings

In our last meeting, we take time to celebrate this journey together by reflecting back on our intentions and integrating what we have learned. We explore how we change, and as starlings, we migrate into the next uncertainties of our lives, yet more responsive and adaptive. 

Regenerative Cultures/ Cultures of Care
Systems thinking
Gift economy
Deep ecology
The politics of uncertainty



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