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1h weekly class, where we explore the archetypes of the feminine, their lights & shadow through the universal language of movement. We embody and cultivate our feminine energy and intuition.


1h weekly class, through embodied exercises we focus on healing our cultural wounds, we express our feelings and we get closer in our relationships with the more-than-human world.

The Artist within

1h weekly class, the idea is to mix the concept of a book club with a friendly catch-up. The invitation is to come how we are – joyful, grieving, disappointed, alive – and show up as you fancy (perhaps in pajama or with a glass of wine!). Inspired by a quote, a poem, a collective longing, we question, discuss, imagine and express… to change perspectives, disrupt and awake the artist within us.

Dancing in the Moonlight

2h monthly event, on the occasion of the New or Full moon we gather to reflect and dance together, set new intentions, and let go of what no longer serves us through an embodied ritual.

In Rhythm

2h monthly event, we meet to celebrate the 8 Celtic festivals and the changing of seasons. Through a dedicated ceremony, we connect and tune into the underlying energies of the Earth.

Star Lectures

2h monthly event, we have a host and we go deeper on any topic, explore new movements or approaches.


The intention is to reunite everyone who is yearning for expression, inspiration, new perspectives, movement, connection, and belonging, regardless of their age, background, abilities, colour, gender…

To everyone who’s looking for resonance and tribe, this is a place where we all are seekers, creatives, and change-makers supporting and vibrating together in our transforming journeys. 


The desire is to create a space with no hierarchies or authority where to practice active listening, talk from the heart, embrace vulnerabilities, explore our longings, live the questions, connect with our bodies and nature… in few words, a caring society in the making! 

Embrace this power, this sense of being part of a larger whole. It is an exhilarating thought. Let it envelop you. We're all just humans, doing the best we can. We're all just trying to survive, and in the process, inch the world forward a little bit.
Ryan Holiday

Monthly membership £69 | Pop in. Classes: £10 - Events: £20

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